Filter games in Game History by size

Sometimes I like to look through the games of other players, but im not interested in 9x9. I just want to see their 19x19 games. It would be great to have a way to filter.
And also it would be great to have a column for handicap.

edit: also would be nice not to see all those cancelled games.


This has been discussed and requested for many years on OGS (a quick search verifies this). Here is a semi-recent discussion, which also happens to contain the most information on the topic I’ve see so far. Hope this helps :wink:.


thanks for the link. However, that discussion seems to be more about the games page. whereas this one is about the player page. Very similar though.


Would be great to be able filter both game history and ongoing games on observe-games ^____^

edit: and not just by board size, but also corr/live/blitz, ranked/unranked/, and maybe even handicap/even ^___^


While it isn’t built into OGS, if you want to examine someone’s game history in better detail, you should check out Chinitsu’s Got Stats? site. It offers additional stats that are not present in the OGS profile. Though it won’t allow you to view games individually. Just pointing out something cool. I realize this isn’t what you are looking for :blush:.


The biggest hurdle for game filtering is that it requires additional back end support. There is very little work needed on the front end, which means the project is entirely dependent on making its way to the top of anoek’s to do list :stuck_out_tongue:

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If I’m right it’s (almost) front-end only. The list is pulled via api/v1/player/id/games/ which is sortable and filterable.

I was under the impression you got only a subset of the games not the whole list which renders further refining through search only partially effective with incomplete results?

That’s the active games list.

The game history is sortable (and filterable) (if it really uses API/v1/)