Filter out bot games

I like to watch live games on OGS and I’m mostly interested in dan level human games. My impression is that this applies to many observers.

In the listing of live games, you typically need to scroll through a lot of bot games before you find the human ones. It would be nice to have an option to filter out all bot games in the game view.


Yes yes.

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Honestly surprised this isn’t something @Eugene or @Chinitsu have smashed out already… seems right up their alley :confused:

I thought it had @flovo 's name on it :smiley:

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If you are about adding filters, I think it would be nice to be able to choose also board size and to sort games on moves already played or player’s rating or maybe time settings.


Yes plese, let us filter those games somehow!


The problem is, we get the list already sorted and with the requested page size from the server, so the cleanest solution would be to filter the games in the backend.

There would be some drawbacks if we would do it in frontend. Either

  • The page would show fewer games then selected with “Show N”
  • We could request more games than we need to “Show N”, so we can hopefully fill it up, the next page would contain those games again.

In the “games“ page there are already columns for moves and size but I can’t sort them, while it’s possible in “my games” page.
Could you fix this?

The sorting is deactivated by design. I could remove the lock, but it would have some drawbacks:

  1. The sorting would only affect the games on the page. You would still get the first N games by rank and could then only change the ordering within those N games.

Yes. That would be better than nothing.
I could set the page to display the max number of games and then sort over a good amount.
BTW, do you know why the choice of games number (3, 4, 6 … 28 ) is different from the profile page (10, 25, 50)?

I would also like to see this :heart_eyes:.


I’m curious, @flovo would it be possible to set a new number of game options to ALL? Then your drawback would no longer be a problem, because all games would be listed on one page.

Yes. Perhaps @anoek could add some filters.

Does the “sort_by” parameter take any other values apart from “rank”?

@lysnew the limit is 100

@opuss I never found another value then “rank” that worked

I think the main purpose of is not ability to view games. Live game of 2 strongest human players need to have most viewers. To achieve this, bot filter should be turned on by default. Just existence of it is not enough, people rarely change default settings, so strongest players still will feel lonely.


A column displaying the number of viewers/observers for each game would also be useful. The most interesting games to watch may well be those with the most observers.

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This at least should be possible, even if filtering isn’t, right @flovo?

:man_shrugging: possible are many things, but doable in a reasonable way is the problem in most cases.

To be precise the number on the lower left of the game-chat is the number of game-chat users not total viewers, but since you are a chat-user as well if you are using the website, the numbers should correlate.

The only way I’m aware of to get the number is by connecting to the game-chat, so we would have to connect to every game-chat in our list to get the number of viewers. This on the other hand would render itself useless, since now the number would be number of viewers + number of users on the observe-games page.

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