Filtering game list by "rated"

Hey everyone,

something that is bugging me again and again is that I accept a game but overlooked the “not rated” flag… it would be so nice to filter out all these games. Playing for like an hour and then realising oh, I didn’t even get a point for that win … meh. Or make unrated games stand out much clearer in the list (or the other way around… make rated more visible).

Also nice would be to filter out 13x13 and 9x9, as I’m hardly ever interested in these. But the rated-thing is really annoying…

Thanks for considering.


Something that just occurred to me that might be simple enough to implement is making the whole line for rated games have bold text…

Should work, right @Eugene ?


That would be exactly what I mean. That way, it’s impossible to overlook that information. Or some sort of colored flag… anything that stands out.

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So no plan to implement something?

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Sorry I’ve not had time to code it up myself… Apart from anoek who is the site developer, most of this cosmetic stuff gets done by volunteers over at GitHub so there’s no knowing when one might be available and might adopt your project.

One thing that might help it get some traction is creating a new feature request over there under “Issues”, or if you have the ability to code it up yourself that’ll really move it along :wink:


Thanks for the tip. Will do that. You know it shouldn’t really be a big deal and I even should be able to do that myself, but I must admit I haven’t worked much with all the source code and build tools used today and wouldn’t even know how to test the changes… so I’d rather leave that up to someone how has it all set up already. Or just leave it…

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Leaving it is totally fine, obviously… but FWIW, setting up your own test server for OGS is actually surprisingly easy :slight_smile: anoek wrote a really helpful guide to get people started


Wow.That was fast. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the info. Will take a look.

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