Financial Institution flagged this website

To whom it may concern,

My card was locked down under suspicion of fraudulent activity following a declined transaction with the information associated with the description “” from Sheridan Wyoming for the same amount usually sent under the automatic transaction.

I’m under the impression that this was an erroneous flagging, but I wanted to bring it to the attention of the site staff. I may not be the only one. If there’s something going on, please let me know. I was advised to run the transaction again should I want it to go through.

If the transaction did go through and I need to keep the card locked down, let me know.
If the transaction did not go through and I need to issue it again, let me know.
If there is something more to the fraud flag, let me know.

I’d like to avoid a repeat of this problem next month, and I know you guys are a trustworthy vendor.

Please Advise.

  • Shenzao

Pinging @anoek to take a look.


Because one developer is enough to solve this problem, and anoek is more active than matburt. I’m also not sure if matburt even has access to the financial part, while I’m sure anoek does.


Ok got it just now

Interesting, so in these cases we have very little insight into why something happened. We use a very established 3rd party credit card processing company,, to manage all credit card stuff like this - they do all the automatic fraud detection, charge retrying, storage of all the card details, etc. In this case it didn’t indicate it was that detected the fraud, it just said the bank denied the charge, and there’s never any more details about things like that, only your bank knows.

In any case, it was scheduled to retry in a couple of days but offered me a button to retry now, when clicking it it seemed to go right through - so basically, I don’t have any information about why they thought that this particular charge was suspicious, especially since you’ve made countless before every month, but it seems to have resolved itself and everything looks like it’s in good order now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support!


That’s excellent news. Our company also uses for a wide variety of things, so I know that side of it fairly well. It’s exciting that everything is in order.

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly, and for taking the time to explain the situation so thoroughly. Thank as well for running the charge. That saves a step! It’s possible that my other transactions on websites that use stripe may have made it appear that I was in multiple distant states simultaneously. If so, fair enough.

I’m just glad nothing went truly wrong.

Thanks again!

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