Find game from a single position?

Howdy Y’all
I am looking for a game database that could search games based on a single board position (without knowing the order in which they were played)
Does anybody know about something capable of doing this?

Thank you is a very nice android app that can do that (I’m not sure if the free version has this) I can highly recommend. Hactar also shows similar positions that are missing a stone or one stone is placed differently. is also good for PC use.


EidoGo Kombilo / Pro Game Database search

Thank you for the answers.

Waltheri as far as I know is not able to search for a single board position without knowing the sequence (please correct me on this one if it is, I would love to use it)

I can’t get any meaningful response from eidogo at all (am I just getting old for the internet? :smiley: )

But holy macaroni that hactar app actually works. I mean I find it terribly designed and annoying, but with a lot of patience it did exactly what I needed. Thanks a milion @Pempu may you have a long and happy life :slight_smile:

Prepare to be corrected!

You can set up whatever position you desire on using [shift]+click for black and [ctrl]+click for white stones, and clicking the search button for continuation.


Well that’s simple! Thanks so much. Díky moc.

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If you have some good suggestions how to make hactar better I am sure the developer would be interested. He is listening to feedback but the development cycle can be long sometimes.

What are you using? I have OSX 10.9.5 and latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi and Opera for that version of the Mac OS. I entered that URL in each one and connected. Must use http; https won’t connect. (Maybe you’re having the same problem at that site as I have here with Safari: OGS just doesn’t work.)

Oh, you can ask one of the OGS Tam for how to access the Developer Tools for your browser. They will explain how to obtain useful information that will help solve the problem…unless it is Safari on my MB Pro.)