Finding again in the games page, the game i was watching

How do you do that?
Many times (most of, i would say ):

  • In the game list tab i select a game to watch it
  • during the game i go back to the game list tab
  • Then if i want to go back to watch it, the game is no more in that list (could be somewhere in it i guess)

So how you manage to recover it easely? Game not finished ofc.

Sorry i guess this could have been already answered before but i didn’t find.

With screenshots

On the last, you see the list of games changed a lot (the game is even no more listed between the 9 default)

Same time if someone can give me hints how the games are ordered, i would be happy!

If you navigate into the game, you can just use your browser ‘back’ function


A yes, forgot about that. Thanks should be enough in most cases.
Besides, any idea about the ordering of the games in that page?

It’s meant to be sorted strongest to weakest by the weakest player (so 2d v 2d shows above 4d v 9k) but last I checked filters can break the sorting completely. Not sure why or to what if anything it sorts after the intended design breaks.

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Ah yes the filters! Well it became quite a mess when refreshing the page each time. Hard to understand the logic behind.

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