Finding all games of some type

If I wanted to have a list of, say, all 13x13 live games played by dan players in January 2021, what would be the recommended way?
It seems the website only shows the list of active games, so I guess I have to hit the API?
Is there a faster way than fetching the list of games for every dan player?


I know that you can put constraints in your GET request, but never used it so far.

I would do a request like this:

  • list of all games
  • started after jan 1st
  • completed
  • 13x13

Then I’d crawl every game’s page (through API of course) looking for player’s rank.

I don’t know if API support all of my said constraints, nor the syntax for them, but we can work on it.
Some time ago I wanted to setup a wiki for OGS API… maybe we could do it now…

A previous thread on this subject:

An example of query:


How would you request a list of all games?
The only way to list games I found is by player, as in
Your example query seems to only list games of the current user.

Here an url /v1/games/ is documented but neither nor Play Go at! | OGS work.

edit: And of the players list, I can only get the first 100 pages (i.e. 1000 players), starting from page 101 a HTTP 400 is returned: