Fine-tuned sound preferences

It would be really nice if there was more flexibility over what sounds are played - like I would like warning sounds for blitz, stone sounds in live but not correspondence etc… Any thoughts on implementing this?

Oh … I wasn’t going to pile on, but some volume control would help. Sometimes I have sound at appropriate volume for another site and the stone sounds make me jump out of my chair they are so loud.

Yep this is on the todo list

I concur - the stone sounds on this site are ridiculously loud. A volume preference is required.

Also, mode-specific settings are needed - I have disabled sound because I play correspondence, most of the time. This makes OGS unsuitable for live games.

I’d also like to see an option to toggle the sound setting on just one board - for example, I’d like to be able to turn sounds on for a board I am currently watching where I know that my correspondence opponent is online and playing actively.

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