Firefox crashing when reviewing games

It happened several times now, after a game, when analyzing it it crashes. Also the history of games is taken a long time to load in profile page and sometimes it doesn’t load at all.

I found that the latest versions of Firefox will not run on a system that uses Windows 7. It either loads with glacial speed or doesn’t load at all. And if it DOES load, once loaded it would frequently freeze after an attempt to use it. My Windows 7 platform has to use Google Chrome now.

Foxy should still work on win7… :confused:

check here might help:

Thanks, I’ll check it out. The information that I have is that Firefox 64-bit, designed to work on Windows 10 (which it does), is not compatible with Windows 7. But it looks like those links will tell me how to get back to the 32-bit, which does.