First Byo-yomi period fails to reset after a move is played

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in a match and the first byo-yomi period reaches the last few seconds it fails to reset the period if I play my move within that time. Instead it continues from where it left off and goes into the next period. This only seems to happen with the first byo-yomi period as far as I can tell. So I was wondering if this was a glitch of some sort.

First time period is actually main time, which does not reset. Are you sure you are talking about byo-yomi period, not main time?

Could this be because the last byo-yomi period is marked by 30 seconds and not 30+1x30 seconds ?
Moving from maintime+5x30 seconds actually means that the clock becomes 30s+4x30seconds
So 30s+5x30 seconds actually means you are still using main time and not in byo-yomi.
This was a bit of weirdness for me until I learned to like it.
I could be completely wrong here too.

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Ah yes that might be it. I’m also used to thinking that 4 x 30 sec byo-yomi means 4 periods of 30 second byo-yomi left, but did notice the last period is standalone. Well, that explains a lot. Thanks!

I know I’m resurrecting an old thread here, but I just looked up this issue and I think there’s a follow up question.

Because the 5x30 byo-yomi is part of the main time, doesn’t this mean that the main time is 30 seconds longer than what the game is originally set for?

Would that make this a bug?