First day here and disappointed with first OGS teacher - Do you think I was rude in this "teaching game"?

I learned go as a kid and have time recently to play. I am very rusty and come to OGS to practice. On my first day here I saw someone offering teaching games, so I joined. This person left in middle of the game and called me rude and said that I didn’t respect him like a teacher.

I explained that English is my second language. Even though I can understand him and communicate, it takes me longer to type. This person didn’t apologize for his words and said that he did what he did because my English is poor.

Though I know this person doesn’t represent the community, but I am quite disappointed with OGS. My first game here resulted in an unnecessary quarrel. I didn’t expect this…Are many OGS players like this?

Here is the game. If you are interested, could you please tell me if I was actually “rude”, like this person said?


I see a teaching game, where he tries to talk to you during and between moves.
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

If your teacher expects you to answer questions and you ignore him, I can see that in his eyes you may be rude
It’s debatable if you really are rude or not - opinions may differ on this, and it doesn’t matter in the end. You just had different opinions and miscommunication. Happens.

It’s not easy to teach with text only during a game, even harder when the other person doesn’t answer
I would just say this: The teacher tried, the student tried - both have different opinions how a teaching game should be - so they may not suit each other.

Don’t call him rude, thank him for his time and effort and move on.


I wasn’t trying to call him rude. I said it in quotation marks because he called me rude and I don’t know the reason, so I was trying to suggest that he is the “rude” one, if there is one. I feel confused that he left the game, called me rude, and didn’t apologize but blamed everything on my English being poor.

I think you are right that students and teachers may have different expectations, but that is not the issue. I think he can be nicer if the student failed his expectation, instead of accusing people.

Maybe I am wrong, but that is how I felt.


Being 3k in Go doesn’t make one 3k at teaching.
The teacher should be able to respect the pace of the student, which will of course be slower. “You’re doing it wrong” every 2nd move is just lambasting.


No, this hardly ever happens.
Hope this doesn’t sour you on OGS.
You are still welcome.

30 minutes does not seem much for a teaching game where so many questions are asked.


Difficult. I can understand why the teacher was frustrated, as he tried to talk and comment and you did not reciprocate (or very little), though to be fair it isn’t easy to discuss that much during a live game.

I can’t blame him for not adapting to you. It’s a free teaching game, he’s not getting paid for it.

I agree with @Yshtola_Rhul

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The teacher was rude, not you. But they figured out that they didn’t do a good job at explaining their teaching style in the beginning:

But I should make it clear that there will be questions

So hopefully this won’t happen again.


The positive thing about this affair is that from here on it only will get better :rofl:


I get ya. I’m quite appalled by the lack of accommodation this guy has for non-native speakers. He should consider changing the title of his games to “Teaching game for 6k-12k Brits”.


Na I’m native English speaker and I too would struggle to read deeply and also chat in a 30 min game.

His expectations are just too high :man_shrugging:


Misunderstandings, that’s all and it doesn’t really matter.
Move on, there are plenty of volonteers to teach you with each one his method.
Don’t think there is a OGS way, hope the best for you here!


Holy shit.

I’m sorry you had that experience. I think this kind of behaviour is pretty rare.


I feel honest when I say no, this is not typical OGS behaviour.

I think the other player realised at some level that their behaviour was rude, and probably is improving as we speak. Unfortunately thanks to your poor experience, next time they will probably be more patient and more understanding.

However, I would like to point out that, as far as I know, it’s not encouraged to “name and shame” in the forums.

It’s not that I don’t understand your feelings, I do, but even in their flawed way the other player tried to do something good.

We don’t name and shame cheaters, so clumsy teachers should also be cut some slack, is what I’m trying to say.


Sorry about that, I will erase this person’s name from the original post. I didn’t mean to name and shame him and I hope he becomes nicer to other players like you said.


Just another person saying similar things, but I’d say the game you played (or rather the kind of teaching game you had) is not at all representative for an average teaching game on OGS.

There are a few players on OGS who have very particular wants and needs for the kind of games that they play, and I’d say your opponent is one of those individuals.

The vast majority of people I’ve met on OGS are very friendly, especially those giving teaching games, so I encourage you to try a few more times and see that the community is actually super nice. :slight_smile:


I know this player. He wants his opponents to play slowly each move, even at the opening or in josekis, and to chat during the game. If you don’t he will resign and possibly block you. To understand his behavior read his OGS page, especially the last sentences. On the other hand if you are willing to accept his conditions, his teaching may be interesting. I wouldn’t personally like such a teacher, but I imagine other people wouldn’t mind.


i would consider this as an insulte so its a lie when you say the teacher wasnt rude

Do you habe proof that je realised it? I doubt because he was rude to begin with and stop playing midway which would be stalling and it at least is a offense on chesswebites and otb

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then this … should have set the rules in the beginning,
I am a teacher (math, history) myself and i set the rules when i get a new student everytime. Thats basic knowldge in teaching


I feel like someone should invite NM over to defend himself, we are all rude to talk this way behind his back!