First Game! Lucky enough to win! Would not mind a quick look over!

This was my first game so I am aware a detailed analysis might not benefit me too much because I may not have enough knowledge/experience to benefit. I do believe that someone explaining my wrong moves could help. I feel as if there were a few obvious times I blew what was an advantage most of the game.

I do not expect a detailed go over but if someone could quickly cycle through and point out my giant errors or give me something to think about I would greatly appreciate.
I am playing as black.

let me know if I did the linking wrong.


Welcome to OGS! When linking games you can just copy and past the URL. So this is your game:

Here is a quick review:

Congrats on your first win!

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Thank you very much for the review. The insight on knowing when I have an area secure and a response is not needed was very helpful and what I hope to take away the most from your examples. The importance of what areas to prioritize as well as the insight on the ladder I delayed closing, which ended up being a mistake that I luckily recovered from, also greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much again.

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