First move timer resets on weekend?!

In my case, we start to play a long game with a starting time of 3 days. My opponent needed to make the first move, but he did not make any move. Before the weekend, he had about 20 hours to play. On the weekend we didn’t play a any move, and after the weekend he again had new 3 days to play. Is it a bug?

Yeah, it does that… Also manual pauses and vacation pauses will get the game past the first move timer. I guess the idea is that no-one can prolong that “blue time” as it turns into normal one if anything happens.

But in some cases it can creates some amount active never-started games. (If start period longest than 7 days, for example)

I think the start clock is always 3days so the problem can’t go on for more than one weekend.

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