First Review Request (5k vs. 5k)

Hi, I have gotten into the habit of reviewing my games but have only been using AI to verify and gain new information about my review. I have recently realized this may not be the best way to do things and some input from stronger players (or just any other players) could be useful. This is the game: Packword vs. Teflyingdoge. I have already left comments from my initial review of the game so feel free to correct me or agree with the conclusions I have come to. Also, thank you all for being such a lovely supportive community in general. You make the world of Go outside the game such a nice place to inhabit!


Nice work with the self-review! If you keep going back and reflecting on your moves this way, it will help you improve.

I couldn’t find a way to reply to your comments in place (it won’t let me type into the comment box in the review?) I’ll attach an SGF here with my thoughts. Let me know if this works for you.

OGSreview.sgf (8.6 KB)

Generally, I’ve made a lot of comments about direction of play and shape. But really, reading is the most important thing. You could have won this game by making the right decision on two or three critical moves. Keep reviewing carefully and looking out for these moments. And are you doing tsumego on a regular basis?

For improving direction of play, I found studying pro games to be most helpful. Don’t get hung up on trying to understand every move, just get used to how the games flow in an intuitive sense. Older games (1960s-80s) are easier to follow than modern.


Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciated the format because even when KataGo said you were wrong, it still helped me with the types of moves I should at least be thinking about playing. I try to do tsumego and pro games on a regular basis, but I suck at habit building so its a little on-and-off (any tips for maintaining a consistent Go practice, playing games/studying/tsumego/etc…?). Everything you said made sense and the review was super useful.

Thanks for following up here! I’m glad you found the review useful (-:

Sorry, you’re asking the wrong person! I go through periods of obsession, periods of playing the occasional casual game, and periods of complete neglect. There have been enough obsessive phases for improvement to happen sometimes.

And it’s not just go. I reached a professional standard of piano playing with the same working habits. I listened to all the advice about keeping a regular schedule, practicing at the same time every day, … and it just doesn’t work that way for me. I need to find the intrinsic motivation; I’m not so good with an imposed schedule.

The main thing for me is: when I do find myself in an obsessive phase, make good use of it! (“Make hay while the sun shines”?) Hopefully someone who’s a better role model will swing by with another answer to your question!

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You ll find plenty of advices around the forum (bit of a mess, use search). My own on the spot is progress needs real investment doing better as what you do. A bit of pushing yourself beyond your limit. And the first is get better stronger at reading which is fundamental. So have fun at tsumego, a few serious hours a day. (Real fun at solving on your own). Don’t worry on your ranking, if you lose more games instead of progressing, that’s normal, will pass after you integrate a better view

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