First-timer: why can't I play against computer, is there a place with instructions?

Sorry to put this question here since I see there are already a couple of ‘how to play against machine’ questions, but none of them seem to have good answers.

  1. Why, when I choose ‘Play against the machine’ does the board just sit there saying ‘Waiting for game to begin’ forever?

  2. Do I need to start it somehow…and if so, how? I tried playing with the controls at the bottom of the screen but nothing happens.

  3. Are there settings that I need to pick/enable/disable to make it work? If so, what are they?

  4. Is there a tutorial somewhere on playing against the machine…other than the advice ‘click on the play against the machine button’?

  5. Does this work with all browsers? Does it not work with any particular browsers?

Thank you…

Very new Go player

It would do no good for a beginner like yourself to play a computer. You won’t learn anything from it. If you still want to here you go. These are the bots profile pages showing you what games they accept. If they no match the criteria they won’t accept the game and it won’t start.

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Eh, forget about the computer satanic Novice and challenge me instead :slight_smile: If you really are very new, we can play a few games, and unlike computer I will even give you feedback and you will learn basics much faster (I am also more fun than a computer).
Or alternatively, check out some teaching groups we have here :slight_smile:


That is an exaggeration. I played my first game against random bot and I certainly learned how to use the interface.