Fix icon for each game type

There are different icons for tournament, ladder, and group games but currently the tournament icon is being used for all of them.

Please update the code to display the correct icon for the type of game that is being played.

Here’s an example game: Ladder Challenge: flakeman2(#308) vs timo_timo(#185)
This is a ladder game but the icon being displayed is a tournament icon.



Do you mean to use the ladder/group icon from the main menu?



The use of that icon there does not mean “tournament” (as you know).

It means “this game is part of an organised thing, click here for details”.

I don’t think you can define it to be a dynamic icon in the way suggested, because Groups can have Ladders and Tournaments.

Is there a better icon that means “click here to see what organised event this is part of”?


Actually I think there is no such thing as a “Group” game. The games that show up in groups are just all the games where both participants are members of the Group.

Therefore, it’s just a choice between linking a tournament and linking a ladder, which I actually agree we should use a different symbol for that since one exists.


here is the line of code that needs to be changed:

{(tournament_id || null) && (
    <Link className="plain" to={`/tournament/${tournament_id}`}>
        <i className="fa fa-trophy" title={_("This is a tournament game")} />{" "}
{(ladder_id || null) && (
    <Link className="plain" to={`/ladder/${ladder_id}`}>
-        <i className="fa fa-trophy" title={_("This is a ladder game")} /> {_("Ladder")}
+        <i className="fa fa-list-ol" title={_("This is a ladder game")} /> {_("Ladder")}
)} at 1feab25365f373570a7b06d4d66c62422492811a · online-go/ · GitHub

Just replace fa-trophy with fa-list-ol or some other icon I believe.



This is great, who’s the best person to make this change?

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Be the change you want to see in the world!

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Done - changing the icon for a ladder game to the ladder icon by flakeman2 · Pull Request #1867 · online-go/ · GitHub

Let me know if you see any problems or want anything changed.


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