Fix my rank?

Hi OGS support humans!

My rank has gotten a little quirky – I played exclusively correspondence games for awhile, and ended up (somehow) with a seemingly-reasonable “overall” rank (14k), a slightly-depressed “correspondence” rank (15k), and significantly-depressed regular and blitz ranks (17k). Could these all be normalized somehow, please? I think setting them all to 14k would be not unreasonable, but 15k would be fine too. I feel like a sandbagger showing up as 17k in regular-speed games right now. (Especially since OGS seems inconsistent about when it displays the “overall” rank versus the particular-speed rank in the interface.)


Personally I wouldn’t worry, but I may put undue faith in the elo algorithm considering that it has been hacked a bit awkwardly to line up with handicap stones. Still, I’m sure a mod will be along to do that for you sometime today.

I set your timed ranks to 14k. Don’t hesitate to use the report button for this kind of issue in the future!


Thank you! I know how to report a game… is there another report button besides the ‘call a moderator’ button in-game? I looked but couldn’t find it (and I found something saying the forum was the right place to go.)

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