Flag Guessing: A Shrinking World

This is a flag guessing game. Each day, if there’s interest, I’ll post 32 flags which belong to gradually smaller countries and subnational areas. The game is to guess what area is represented by each flag.

Points are awarded as so:

  • 2 points for guessing a country or subnational area
  • or 1 point for guessing the country that a subnational area is in
  • or 0.5 points for guessing the continent that a country or subnational area is in

Post your guess in a spoiler, and I will add your points to the score table below.

Round 1


Score Table

Rd. yebellz JethOrensin Sanonius
1 35 44
2 17 40
3 19.5 30.5
4 29.5 34.5 33.5
5 32
T 101 181 33.5

No-one up for flag guessing?

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It’s a fun concept and nice-looking collection, but I think I’d be hopeless at this. Maybe if nobody gets it, you could give us the list in random order so we could at least try sorting and matching?

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Russia, China, USA, Canada
Brazil, Australia, ?, India
Argentina, Kazakhstan, ?, Algeria
?, ?, Greenland, Saudi Arabia
Mexico, (Europe)?, ?, Indonesia
Sudan, Morocco, ?, Bhutan
Iran, Alaska, ?, Quebec
Austria, Nigeria, ?, Romania


#7 is Yakutia, or the Republic of Sakha, in Russia; it’s “Eastern Siberia”.
#11 is Western Australia.
#13 is Krasnoyarsk Krai, in Russia; it’s “Western Siberia”.
#14 is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa.
#18 isn’t in Europe, it’s the region of Nunavut in far-northern Canada.
The flag you gave as Sudan is Libya and the one you gave as Morocco is the real Sudan. You still got one point for the misordered guess, though.
#19 is Queensland, Australia.
#23 is the state of Amazonas, in Brazil.
#24 isn’t Bhutan, which is actually quite a small country; it’s Mongolia.
#27 is Australia’s Northern Territory – a difficult guess with its aboriginal-style flag.
#29 is Peru – Austria has horizontal stripes.
#30 is Niger (almost there ^^)
#31 is Angola, in Southwestern Africa.
#32 is Chad, in North-Central Africa. Chad’s flag differs from Romania’s by having a slightly darker blue.

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There are some tricks that can be applied to narrow the odds.

Remember also that we’re currently guessing relatively large countries and areas.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Flags containing the UK flag (aka with a Union Flag canton) represent areas once part of the British Empire and now (almost always) in the Commonwealth, or else even still parts of the UK proper.
  • Flags with the star and crescent represent Islamic countries, which are mainly concentrated in Africa and the Middle East.

  • The sun of Flag #9 is the Sun of May, an emblem of certain South American countries.

  • The stripes and triangle layout of Flag #23 is an Arab style; Arab countries are in North Africa and the Middle East.

  • Flag #28 has fleur de lys, a French motif.

  • Flag #31 has a machete and gear – clearly a flag of an area where machetes are used.

OK, let’s try pdg’s idea. Here are the areas in alphabetical order (in the chart, they’re ordered by size).

For the easy mode, all you have to do is fit the names to the flags.


Western Australia
Queensland (Australia)
Northern Territory (Australia)
Amazonas (Brazil)
Quebec (Canada)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Saudi Arabia
Alaska (USA)
Krasnoyarsk Krai (Western Siberia)
Yakutia (Eastern Siberia)

Give us time! This was posted last evening, and have just barely woken up :sweat_smile:


I used to be good at this when I was a kid because I love maps and flags, but since there was no internet and google 25 years ago, I only know countries and borders (with the usual issue with confusing small polynesian islands and sub-Saharan West Africa), so this might be a fun chance to learn more and see what I remember. :slight_smile:

Here goes nothing:

My guess
  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. United States
  4. Canada
  5. Brazil
  6. Australia
  7. That reminds me a bit of the old Lesoto flag. So, somewhere in Africa?
  8. India
  9. Argentina
  10. Kazakhstan
  11. Something in or around Australia
  12. Algeria
  13. I am fairly certain I’ve seen this one before. It is something around/below China, but not in it.
  14. Public(?) Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire - I actually know that one because their former flag was one of my childhood favorites
  15. Damn GREENland and their RED flag :stuck_out_tongue:
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Mexico
  18. Never seen this one before. If that is the Polar star, somewhere very North.
  19. Something in or around Australia
  20. Indonesia (I almost said Poland, but was saved because I recently downloaded that flag for an upcoming translation )
  21. Libya
  22. That’s either Sudan or Kuwait. 51% Sudan - 49% Kuwait … can’t remember.
  23. Something around Caucasus mountains is my best guess. It reminds me of a flag around there.
  24. Mongolia
  25. Iran
  26. Something around or very close the artic circle due to the Polar star
  27. Something in or around Australia (the Cross of the South always gives them away)
  28. Martinique I think or some other Central America/Atlantic island? Something formerly French, for sure though.
  29. Peru had a thing inside the white part of its flag, so maybe it is a flag of a province of Peru or they took that thingy out?
  30. I just realised India is back earlier. Don’t know which one this is. Maybe a local Indian flag?
  31. Angola
  32. That’s either Romania or Chad. I could never tell them apart. :thinking:
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#7 Yakutia / the Sakha Republic, Russia, aka Eastern Siberia
#11 Western Australia (1 pt)
#13 Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, aka Western Siberia
#14 Technically the Democratic Republic of Congo (1 pt since there’s also a Republic of Congo)
#18 Nunavut, far northern Canada (0.5 pt)
#19 Queensland, Australia (1 pt)
#22 Sudan (1 pt)
#23 Amazonas, Brazil
#26 Alaska (0.5 pt)
#28 Quebec, Canada (remember that we’re starting with large areas)
#29 It is Peru – Wikipedia claims the unemblazoned flag is the main variant
#30 Not a bad guess colourwise, but it’s actually Niger
#32 Chad (1 pt)

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Up for the second round? I just finished preparing it.

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Very impressive. No way I would have found those. Well, you learn something every day :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

Well, I did get the correct country though, as evidenced by their previous flag. I got the English name wrong, just because the Greek name is “Λαϊκη Δημοκρατία του Κονγκό” which does mean “Public Republic” which is silly, but I didn’t want to google it, since this is a game where google is obviously off limits :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, Kuwait has the cut triangle instead … so close.

Martinique was actually “close” too. Look at this thing:

Now I wonder how many snakes do they have there to put them in the flag in such capacity. Iirc in Jule’s Verne “Thompson and Co” it mentions about a triangular headed snake living there?

I find this very odd. I remember Peru having that symbol in their flag from football games too. Look at this:
The group/channel is peruvian and the flag they are using doesn’t have the symbol, but the flag their national TV is using for the game, does.
Now I wonder what kind of symbol it is anyway. :slight_smile:

Oh, come on, that should merit at least 1.5 points :stuck_out_tongue:

Romania - Wikipedia
Chad - Wikipedia

I honestly still can’t tell the difference.

And yes, I am ready for a second round, but I will see it tomorrow … it is 1 past midnight here :stuck_out_tongue:

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On to Round 2!



I couldn’t go to sleep with flag waving in my mind. Damn and it is Monday tomorrow too :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess
  1. No clue, but it is very american continent in design
  2. Mali
  3. South Africa
  4. This seems like something out of a European Dutchy or something
  5. Bolivia … God, that flag took me 15 minutes of pacing. I knew the answer, but my mind was stuck. I ended up reciting all South American countries and walking backwards.
  6. Something in or around Australia
  7. Colombia
  8. Mauritania (though iirc they used to have a totally green flag - no other country has that crecent though as far as I know)
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Egypt
  11. Something in the Indian ocean. I’ve seen the wave pattern associated with one of those islands, but do not know the specific one
  12. I am tempted to say “Something in or around Australia” again but that is a flag of England in there, so this is probably a province somewhere. Could be anywhere though.
  13. Nigeria
  14. No clue. Seems like the star in Surinam’s flag though, so somewhere in South-Central America?
  15. That’s Tanzania, which I always pronounced Tasmania as a kid :stuck_out_tongue:
  16. Pakistan
  17. Venezuela
  18. That’s Namibia. The old schoolbook I was reading had a blank flag on that and I remember checking it out later
  19. Something in or around Australia
  20. Ok, we are in the sub-Saharan belt of “now I am guessing”
  21. It was in the news sometimes, so Mozambique
  22. Turkey
  23. Central america design. In my mind Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador are mixed.
  24. This is either the space invader’s flag or some province in american plains.
  25. Chile
  26. Zambia
  27. That small thing inside looks like a Russian flag, so maybe another Russian province flag?
  28. That’s Texas. I remember seeing that on a news report or something and I was like “what on earth is Chile’s flag doing in Texas?” :stuck_out_tongue:
  29. I know that flag design, but I am not doing what I did for Bolivia again. I’d say central america, but the star is TOO big so it is not there and not African. But where is it?
  30. Afghanistan
  31. This is somewhere in Africa.
  32. English flag again. And mountains. Province somewhere?
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#1. Pará, Brazil. No points since you didn’t specific N. or S. America.
#4. Northwest Territory of Canada
#6. South Australia, 1 pt.
#11. British Columbia, Canada
#12. Ontario, Canada
#14. Yup, that is Mato Grosso, Brazil. 0.5 pt.
#15. I used to call it Tanzania~
#19. New South Wales, 1 pt.
#20. That’s Khabarovsk Krai, aka the Russian Far East
#23. This is another Russian flag, Irkutsk Oblast. It’s a very large region in South-Central Asian Russia.
#24. The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a large Arctic region, again in Asian Russia.
#27. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, as far North-East as you can go in Asia. 1 pt.
#29. I’m a little surprised you missed this one since it must have been in the news lately – it’s Myanmar.
#31. South Sudan, 0.5 pt.
#32. More Canada! Alberta.

Round 2


?, Cameroon, South Africa, Caribbean?
Senegal, Oceania?, Ecuador, Africa?
Africa?, Egypt, Oceania?, Oceania?
Nigeria, Africa?, Botswana, Morocco
Columbia, Africa?, Caribbean?, Africa?
Mozambique, Turkey, Latin America, Asia?
Latin America?, Africa?, South America?, Texas
Senegal, Middle East?, Lesotho, Europe?

The score table should be formatted as a table, with per round scores and the total for each player.


#1 Pará, Brazil
#2 Mali
#4 Northwest Territory of Canada
#5 Bolivia
#6 South Australia, 0.5 pt.
#7 Colombia. Colombia was in the 32-set, though, so you get 1 pt.
#8 Mauritius, an insular country of far Southwest Africa. 0.5 pt.
#9 Ethiopia, 0.5 pt.
#11 The flag does look that way, but it’s British Columbia, in Canada
#12 Ontario, Canada
#14 Mato Grosso, Brazil – note that Brazilian flags are mostly likely to have diamond fields
#15 Tanzania
#16 Pakistan
#17 This one is actually Venezuela.
#18 Namibia, 0.5 pt.
#19 New South Wales, Australia
#20 Kharabovsk Krai, Asian Russia
#23 Irkutsk Oblast, Asian Russia
#24 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Asian Russia. 0.5 pt.
#25 Chile, 0.5 pt.
#26 Zambia, 0.5 pt.
#27 Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Asian Russia
#29 Myanmar, aka Burma
#30 Afghanistan, 0.5 pt.
#31 South Sudan
#32 Alberta, Canada

17 points

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I’m going to run the third round in a little bit.

The way I’m going to do it is by putting the answers in a spoiler and treating it as a gentlemen’s game.

I’ll also include an alphabetic list of all the names in another spoiler, labelled Easy Mode List.

Actually, since we missed a few days I’m even going post two sets of 32.

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Here is today’s first set of 32, aka Round 3.

@yebellz @JethOrensin @Sanonius

Easy Mode -- Just match names to flags

Arkhangelsk Oblast
Central African Republic
(European) France
Kamchatka Krai
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug
Komi Republic
Magadan Oblast
Minas Gerais
New Valley Governorate
Papua New Guinea
Yukon Territory
Zabaykalsky Krai

  1. Somalia

  2. Central African Republic

  3. Saskatchewan, Canada

  4. Arkhangelsk Oblast, European / Asian Russia

  5. Minas Gerais, Brazil

  6. Madagascar

  7. Ukraine

  8. Kenya

  9. Botswana

  10. Bahia, Brazil

  11. Yemen

  12. Manitoba, Canada

  13. (European) France

  14. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Asian Russia

  15. Thailand

  16. Spain

  17. Cameroon

  18. Yukon Territory, Canada

  19. Kamchatka Krai, Asian Russia

  20. Turkmenistan

  21. Magadan Oblast, Asian Russia

  22. Papua New Guinea

  23. Morocco

  24. New Valley Governorate, Egypt

  25. Zabaykalsky Krai, Asian Russia

  26. Uzbekistan

  27. Komi Republic, European Russia

  28. Sweden

  29. California, USA

  30. Paraguay

  31. Zimbabwe

  32. Manitoba