Flag Request

Anonymous and/ or Anarchy

So … you mean these? (adding images so it can be seen here)

Anonymous Flag

Anarchy Symbol:

There are a few more …

I could imagine some yin-yang-thing inside of the star instead of the straight border, but am a little wary because it might contradict the meaning of the :yin_yang: sign.


Thank you for clarifying and adding to the possibilities!

= )

To add a flag:

  1. Fork https://github.com/thouis/world-flags-sprite
  2. Add you flag, commit to your repository
  3. Submit a pull request to thouis
  4. Let me know so i can pull it all down and get it into the build :smile:


For the noobs out there, would you be a little more specific?

I have never forked anything; and, I’m unsure how I’m linking this to my profile on OGS. Or, is this stored locally on my computer?

Thank you!

Sure, check out https://help.github.com/articles/good-resources-for-learning-git-and-github/ to learn about forking etc … adding to the flags I’ve never actually done, it looks like you create the 16x16 and 32x32 image then run that add_flag.py python script to add it, or something of the sort… you’re kinda on your own there.

Once you get that figured out, the github tutorial will instruct you how to do a pull request, then the rest is easy :slight_smile:


So, I obtained a github account. Looks like a good idea…for a number of reasons. I’m running through the tutorial as I get time.

I realize time (or, the shortage of it) is why you redirected me to do the work to get a flag to my profile.

= )

Especially when you guys went to the trouble of having so many to choose from. How hard would it be for me to get the sprite file with all the flags over to the build for everyone to choose from?
Time will be more accessible to me in May. And, I would be happy to help with it then.

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Once you’ve gone through getting it added and merged into the github repository, from there it’s relatively easy for us to take it from there to get them integrated into the site and available for everyone.

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