Flying dagger tesujis

Cross-posting from L19, where you can see an interactive SGF: Flying dagger tesujis • Life In 19x19

As should be no surprise to anyone, there are a lot of traps and complex difficulties in mi yuting’s flying dagger joseki after the 3-3 invasion, which probably has a plausible claim at this point to be even more complex than the taisha or avalanche. Just for fun, here is an exploration of a few of the more surprising tactics in it heavily aided by AI analysis after specific training - it turns out, some of these lines can be very difficult or outright blind spots for even for AIs, if trained without aid. No guarantees that that any of this is entirely correct though, it’s just my interpretation of some bot analysis. :slight_smile:

Download here daggertesujis.sgf (5.9 KB)
Or see L19 for an in-browser SGF at: Flying dagger tesujis • Life In 19x19


I tried to click the link to lifein19x19, but it says The requested topic does not exist.

Is the link broken, or is something wrong with the lifein19x19 forum?

The link seems to work fine for me right now, and it was working a couple of days ago. Maybe the L19x19 had a temporary glitch?

Looks like it’s back now… maybe was just a temporary glitch.

BTW nice job studying and exploring this complicated joseki. I got the impression that this kind of fight that can spread out to various directions very quickly would need to consider other corners as well.

This is a recent example playout for the 68th Japanese Oza, title match 1
(黒)許家元八段 対 芝野虎丸九段(白)
There are branches that might not be optimal, but still manageable for humans to handle even if it has a slight advantage for one side.

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