fMRI brain study of error-monitoring in children

In the endless quest for figuring out how to get better at go, I thought y’all would be interested in this study:


The development of error monitoring is central to learning and academic achievement. However, few studies exist on the neuralcorrelates of children’s error monitoring, and no studies have examined its susceptibility to educational influences. Pedagogicalmethods differ on how they teach children to learn from errors. Here, 32 students (aged 8–12 years) from high-quality Swisstraditional or Montessori schools performed a math task with feedback during fMRI. Although the groups’accuracies were similar,Montessori students skipped fewer trials, responded faster and showed more neural activity in right parietal and frontal regionsinvolved in math processing. While traditionally-schooled students showed greater functional connectivity between the ACC,involved in error monitoring, and hippocampus following correct trials, Montessori students showed greater functional connectivitybetween the ACC and frontal regions following incorrect trials. Thefindings suggest that pedagogical experience influences thedevelopment of error monitoring and its neural correlates, with implications for neurodevelopment and educatio


Never knew what Montessori schooling was, thanks. Interesting stuff.

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