Follow games by others

I don’t know if this function existed in the previous site, but I would like to be able to follow games. This is how I picture it:

  1. Games in which I’m not playing would have a follow button.

After I select a game to follow, it would…

2a. Show up in the main page, after my own games, with something like “games you are following”. If this is not possible, then…

2b. Show up in the sidebar, under “following”.

  1. When a followed game ends, it is removed from the list and a notification would pop-up telling me “game X has ended”.

What do you think?


This has been on our todo list to do right for awhile now. We had a quick hack before, but we’d like to do it with notifications etc… So it’s on the list to do :slight_smile:


That is great to know.

Keep up the good work.

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…And follow players would be nice too :smile:


:smiley: yup, there are a few folks I’d like to stalk, too :sunglasses:


So, any news regarding this feature?


+1 would use

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Sounds nice to have but I wouldn’t prioritise this feature.

In the mean-time you can use browser favs/bookmarks to keep track of particular games if that’s easier.


After giving this 20 days thought (I’m slow); It is also possible to paste a link to any given game in the ‘About’ section on your profile page. Then the game is there for easy access from your own profile page. :smiley: eg:


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making this a feature could involve getting notifications when a move was played in a correspondence game you are following or when a player you are following starts a game. sorting games in the active games list by number of followers would also be very nice, as it would get people together to kibitz :slight_smile:. this request isnt only about bookmarking.


I totally agree with you @kickaha. I offer the above inferior alternative only because I feel there are more pressing developmental issues.

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since its been 3 years im inclined to think the devs agree… :expressionless:
hmmm… i guess we will find out :slight_smile:.

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I’d love to see this feature added please, devs! :grinning:

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