Food for thought

19x19 - 6 hours absolute each, winner takes home a cash prize of 1 million (£$€¥). Your opponent is your own rank.

What food and drink will you choose before this encounter and why?

:curry: :coffee: :pound: :euro: :dollar: :yen:



On a serious note, I’d probably drink tea during and eat before the match (or don’t eat, I can’t think well on a full stomach).


Some regular food i like, nothing fancy. Same for drink.

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Katsudon. Because I wanna 勝つ.

…I’ll see myself out.


And then some kit-kat as a snack (きっと勝つ)


For 1mil, I’d definitely spend some to find out their allergies.

I’d treat them to something that needs 2 hands, preferably some added step, like a wrap or a shell.

I’d be fine with fried bites of something and water. Maybe some chocolate.

I’d feast afterwards, with the mil.


This is a very legit question for me in upcoming tournaments (although the prize money for even the first place is usually less than $500 USD). They are usually in a single day consisted of 5 to 6 games with Swiss tournament system from morning to sundown (about 8AM to 6PM), and normally we have to accommodate our own meals.

In those large tournaments I participated before, I usually don’t like to eat my breakfast but only drinks, with packaged energy drinks and energy bars during short recesses. I remember when I was still a kid, one time our teacher drove us all to the competition, and bought us pizza for lunch, and some of my classmates got very sleepy in their afternoon matches. I also like to eat sour candies (or sour dried fruits) during matches to make me awake.


He that sounds clever (in reasonable quantities)

This too


1 million ¥ (JPY) is little less than 6500 £ (GBP).

I would not try to beat my opponent, but rather try to convince them to agree the split the prize.


I won’t tell any names/event but
once they were very high doubt on an agreement of this kind in a tournament i participated. Old story.

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You make good points.

I put this question up as an insight into how people tackle their diets regarding Go.
I feel it is very over looked and makes a significant impact on our games.

I personally would have some walnuts to snack on, a few Maltesers and a tea with tapioca!

Wow! Surprised this does not disqualify the individual as it could be considered a performance enhancement!

As long as doubts are just doubts nothing happen. The thing was if they agreed about who will win then they will get the most benefits like by winning a tournament (and share them later) and that’s what happened but that was strong players and so really difficult to prove the intention. A kind of performance in some way.

And I am glad the upcoming tournaments already split them for us, where the 2nd, even 3rd, and 4th places would have prize money.

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Sorry but your wording is alittle off here, are you saying someone was high at a tournament? I would’ve thought something like Adderall would be tough too detect and could be a real advantage, maybe there could be more at it than you might expect, never been in a tournament but doubt there are testing for Go Competitions?

No… high doubt, meaning a lot of doubts, sorry if i confused you.

For the drugs side you refer, in Europe the EGF has very strict rules in accordance with sports regulations. Testing can be a part of it although i never heard about it being made.

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Ok no worries, it was the not naming names part that put me in that direction lol thanks for the info :+1:t2:

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