For new live games created by accounts with a non-provisional rank, what should the default handicap setting be?

This is an evolution from Forced Handicap in Ranked Play

What do we want the default settings to be for new games (keeping in mind that people can create an arbitrary amount of presets for games for themselves, and therefore create games exactly as they desire them with very, very few clicks) created by accounts that have an actual rank?

I am limiting the choice to polls that have an actual rank since new accounts start at a provisional rank of 6 kyu, and that creates complications.

Best default handicap setting for new live games ?
  • Prefer “no handicap”
  • Require “no handicap”
  • Prefer “handicap”
  • Require “handicap”

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Do you mean new custom games or new automatches?

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Well, the options he listed are those of automatch, so I imagine he means those.

By the way, I haven’t voted, since my own position is “I don’t have a strong opinion on this”, and I feel a lot of users might share it, which I imagine will make reaching a strong conclusion from this poll quite difficult.


Still would have put that no opinion option more. Voting is a participation which is something already and a strong opinion of i don’t care or know is an interesting choice too.

Good point. I can’t change the vote after the first five minutes unfortunately, but the good news is, it’s very cheap to make more polls… :smiley:

I think for these purposes they are one and the same. What should the default be, and people can change that if they don’t like it.