For Sale - Floor board and Stones

After many years of use, it’s time to pass these on.

I purchased the board about 30-35 years ago from a woman whose late husband bought it while serving in Korea. So it dates at least to the 1950’s. The board is about 4-1/2 inches thick and stands a total of about 9 inches tall, and is overall in very good condition. It came with a set of nice, but thin (about 6mm) slate and shell stones. But I’m selling this with a set I purchased later, about 7.5mm slate and shell. Medium grade, at best.

Don’t ask me what kind of wood is the board. I like to believe it’s kaya, but I have no certainty of that.

I’m willing to entertain offers, but I’d like to get $450 for the full set.

I am located in Eugene, Oregon. I would be willing to drive a couple hours (e.g., Portland) to make a connection. If it’s to be shipped, I’ll want payment in advance, and I’ll add on the shipping cost.

See pictures in link (amateur photo shoot!):