For Sale: Go World, and Go Review

I wish to sell my collections of English-language Go magazines, published from 1961 through 2011. I have 126 issues of Go World (1977-2011) in Fair to Very Good condition, and 153 issues of Go Review (1961-1977) also in Fair to Very Good condition.

I cannot sell individual issues, but I am willing to sell each set (Go World or Go Review) on its own.

A detailed list is here:

Any reasonable offer will be considered. Shipping these is not cheap (very heavy)! I’m in Oregon, and am willing to drive a few hours for a rendezvous. Otherwise, I will ship USPS…

These are a wonderful resource for a Go enthusiast. Yes, everything is available electronically, so these are for someone who values the original magazines.

Please reply here with an email address for further contact.


A couple images: