Forced forfeit

Hi friend,in go playing you just remember that the winner is always more relaxed than the loser.The more you win, the more pain he suffers.When the game is close to the ending, there is just desperation for the loser.So you needn’t give up,when your opponent still hold on.And for Japanese they think it’s player’s professional ethics to hold on straight to the end because the winner may make a stupid mistake.When I play in Japanese IGS, they always hold on to yose. Some bad people even didn’t allow me to take their died stones in the ending,so I never use double pass les and just to kill their all stones then they resigned:-)

Well, there are many Japanese who stubbornly play on. But the mainstream culture even in Japan is that you resign when you are far behind. I have had a opponent apologizing for playing till the end a recent game that was 20 point behind at the Nihon-Kiin match, which is quite a normal for online games.

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Frankly it strikes me as quite rude if you know for a fact that you are very far down (call it 50 points or more), and that you have no counterplay, to play on and hope for a “stupid mistake” as sucha calls it. It just wastes the other person’s time. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone’s right to play on but sometimes it can be a bit tasteless and disrespectful.

I could say “if you don’t want to play players like this, just block them” but the reality is that after a month of that you’d have no opponents left.

You can always play against me if you want :wink:

What about suggesting to the opponent for his consider to resign?

I’ve actually agonised over that. The problem is that there is no polite and unpressured way to do it.

I wish there was some well known abbreviation for “look, you totally have the right to continue, and indeed if you have a plan please by all means do, but please don’t just keep playing out of politeness - if you don’t think you can win from here and it’s all the same to you how about resigning?”

Apart from anything else, you can be totally wrong:


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May I polish this? :slight_smile:

“My friend, it seems to me that you already lost this game by far.
I may be obviously wrong, or maybe you have a plan, and anyway you totally have the right to continue.
In the meantime, may I ask you what do you think in general about resigning?”

Please correct my english if needed.


How about “Just give up already, you senseless oik, have you even looked at the board?”

Can’t be too longwinded :wink:


Well I just learned a new word


LOL, yeah, I also learned a new word :smiley:

But. There. Is. No. Polite. Way. To. Do. It. No matter how much you polish it or how much you make it funny.
(As has been said before.)

So, I think we should just forget about this. It was entertaining thread though :wink:

But I’m not closing it, maybe it gets even more entertaining … and some of those who have a hard time resigning a lost game might learn something from it? Then it would be rather edutaining … and that’s the best way to teach and learn, IMO :slight_smile:

BTW there were times when Go was quite painful for me because I felt like an idiot in E-VE-RY game. Then I decided I’d begin to resign earlier, i.e. before it got too painful … this insight really helped me stick with Go:

“It is not dishonourable to resign a game I honestly believe to have lost.”


There does seem to be no really good way. I have to say that lysnew’s approach is by far the best I’ve seen though: asking them what they think about resigning.

Not sure I’d do it in practice, but one to file away for future reference :slight_smile:

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I think …
the ONLY way to suggest resigning
would be in a teaching game,
and if you’re in the role of the teacher.


Just reading you force the word edutaining is more than I ever hoped would come of this thread, trohde.

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Heh :smiley: thank you, @bugcat, I appreciate that feedback … especially since “edutainment” is one of my favourite words :slight_smile:

And if I may stray a bit more off-topic … I was a lecturer/instructor for future (now present) print media professionals for almost 10 years, and there I quickly learnt that the best way to teach those sometimes recalcitrant folks was … to edutain them! If people are having fun, then the learning happens almost by itself, even if they show resistance at first. (This was “second-chance education”, and some of them had the label “difficult young person”, so these folks had experienced some hard times in their lives already.)

Of course one has to give them a few pointers and some materials, and one has to be available for questions, but having fun and feeling appreciated no matter what was apparently the most important thing. I also found that the more they enjoyed it, the more I also enjoyed it, and vice versa. During that time I also realised that my most important asset for being a teacher was not my expertise and knowledge in the field (though of course it couldn’t be missed) but rather my ability to like people, to take them into my heart. Also, I had one goal for every day: to make ever single student LOL at least once a day :smiley:
I really miss those times, that was the single job in my life that I really loved, but life carried me elsewhere, one reason being that my superiors viewed my way of teaching as “fraternisation with the enemy” (no matter that over 90% of my students passed their exams with good results) … shows how badly fup’d uck our square society is, IMO.

OK, ’nuff of this here.


I once had this happen to me. He was down like 30 or 40 and the board is full and there is no way he can turn the table but he keep placing stones in irrelevant places. I wanted to ask him to resign but thought it was too rude.

There came a point where I think this is going nowhere and I passed. And he passed as well.

I don’t know if he is unaware of the resign button or he thought it was rude to resign or what, but you could try this as a suggestion that the game should stop.

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Oh yeah, sometimes if you’re beating a DDK by a lot of points, they’ll make a pass. Then if you play another move, they resign. It’s like, what was the pass for? Did you think I was going to pass into scoring with a hundred moves to go?

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Observed from the deck of H.M.S. Beagle:

" The semi-truncated oik displays a curious consistency in defending its nest, often maintaining an aggressive stance days after the nest has been plundered. How this behaviour evolved over time is a headscratcher for sure."


On GoQuest I once won a game by “TKO” (technical KO I assume). I captured a large group of stones during endgame and the server immediately decided to end the game. That may be a rare example of a “forced forfeit”.

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So that’s the epithet for people who play on after they have lost eh? :smiley:

“Curse the semi-truncated oik who’s making me play on for weeks!”


I have, on several occasions against various opponents, politely pointed out “Great match. Perhaps the game is over”…without saying “It seems to me that you’ve already lost this game by far”…and had only positive responses. A couple opponents played on. A couple said “A few more moves”, and soon thereafter resigned. Most just say “Seems so. Thank you for the game” and then pass or resign. I had one opponent that, only after I said “Perhaps the game is over” (never pointing out that I’m ahead in my remark), said “Its very close, no?”. Seems he didn’t know of the Score Estimator button! I was up by 50 points and he didn’t know it.

I do mention it when my fellow ddk opponents seem formidably down. No issues or problems to date in my experience of doing so.