Forking and resuming a game with RoyalLeela


I would like to fork my current game with RoyalLeela at a specific move number and resume it with the same opponent.

I have no idea if RoyalLeela or any AI account here would support this, dependently or independendtly from the OGS API, but so far clicking on Fork action doesn’t lead to anything.

I have “Review”, “Download” and “Analyze” in grey, fork is in black and nothing happens when doing so.

Any clues for both points (I mean with or without an AI) ?



Surprisingly, for me the fork button seems to work :smiley:

But if nothing else works, once the game finishes you should be able to download the .sgf (AFAIK) and run it with a local copy of leela offline…

Thanks @Adam3141 :slight_smile:

Some precisions about my environment:

On desktop: Firefox 52.2.0 (Linux)
On smartphone Firefox 57 (Android)


Can’t be sure, but it is quite possible you are unable to fork an ongoing game if it’s your account playing it… Would be logical with analyse disabled as well

After finishing the game it might become avilable

Yes, I thought of that, of a comestic bug… since it’s not grey :slight_smile:

Yeah, quite possible. If you confirm it we can post it on github to get it fixed

Hi !

Back to this game:

I tried to fork it (from a different move that the final position) after Leela resigned (I’m joking… ;)) and the action was available. It was not just before.

But, RoyalLeela rejected the new challenge with this reason:

Can not play a ranked game with rank difference > 9

But the original game is not a ranked one… Is there a bug somewhere OGS side ? or is RoyalLeela pretending that fake reason for not taking a revenge with me ? :o)

cc @anoek


Pinging @roy7 since they are the admin for RoyalLeela.

Yeah I am kind of betting it’s an OGS issue, might even be worth filling out a github report. It seems forking a game forces the game to be ranked.

I fork games with Nicaso all the time all unrank.

You should be able to do this. RoyalLeela will accept any forked game if the game matches the normal requirements she has for games generally. For some reason I thought forked games were all automatically unranked.


Isn’t a RoyalLeela issue rather than an OGS issue ?

I just forked the same game choosing Gnugo:

The resulting game is unranked.

Any clues @roy7 ?


My understanding was that forking is always unranked and leela only accepts ranked challenges. Sorry if that’s incorrect.

Leela plays unrank


Ahah @BHydden are you tired ? the game I’m forking is an unranked game with RoyalLeela :smiley:
The strange behaviour is that it would turn ranked forking it.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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Sorry haha still waking up :smiley:

Sorry, what’s the question? Is RoyalLeela rejecting the forked game? If the forked game is ranked that’s an OGS bug you need to report to the github or @anoek please.

Hello !

Actually, it seems that it’s me who is not expressing myself clearly so I will give it another try :slight_smile:

I played one unranked game,versus RoyalLeela.
After the game ended, I wanted to fork it, at a custom move number.

When I choose RoyalLeela as an opponent, I get this message:

“Can not play a ranked game with rank difference > 9”

When I chose Gnugo as an opponent, I got no message and the new game got unranked.

Can you understand it better now ?

With only this information, we are still unsure if it’s an OGS issue or a RoyalLeela issue. So I made the same test with Fuego, MinusGo, Kugutsu … And all those AI accounts rejected my challenge, the 2 first with the same message as above.

So, yes, those AIs and maybe all seem to receive challenge requests for an ranked game but when they accept the challenge and after they have accepted it, the fork game might be always unranked.

Is there some incoherency in gtp2ogs ?


“Can not play a ranked game with rank difference > 9”

Is a message that comes form OGS. It is trying to fork your game into a ranked match apparently, which would be an OGS bug. All forked games should be unranked automatically as an OGS rule I believe.

You’ll get this same message if you try to play ranked with a human that is more than 9 ranks above you.

I’ll summon @anoek . :slight_smile:

I just forked a game to a human that was unranked, and I forked a game to RoyalLeela that was unranked.

But the error message you saw is specifically only for ranked games between people too far apart. So I don’t know how that’s happening.