Forum doesn't recognize that I've read my own comment

Pretty simple to replicate. Every time I comment on a topic and go back to the forum home page, the topic lights up saying that “there is something unread in this topic” to which I click on it, and it highlights the comment I just posted. Not the end of the world but kinda weird that it thinks I didn’t read/see my own comment.

Something about cookies perhaps? (I understand little of these things.)

By “the topic lights up” do you mean that banner up top, or the topic has the “unread” style?

The former is normal, the latter would be curious, but in the end, this isn’t an issue anyone here can help with. That’s something to take to the Discourse forum, as it’s their forum software in use here.

Changing topic to “meta” as this is referring to the forum itself, not an OGS bug.


Cheers pb
it shows the unread style
thanks I’ll shoot them a message