Forum games for 2021?

Almost like this.
Tsuke go limits itself to the four(horizontal and vertical) solid connections.
What I meant was that the moves must be played on both the horizontal / vertical intersections or the four diagonal loose intersections.

So if Black starts on C3 White can answer on one of the 8 adjoining intersections (bottom left), whereas in the video only 4 intersections are allowed (top right).

It seems that only :mahjong: is displayed well across a lot of devices, since that one is treated like an emoji.

Other Unicode mahjong tiles don’t seem to render as well on some devices
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Any more ideas?

Yes, I had a silly idea recently. Wasn’t sure if I should really post it. :grin:


Please share. Nothing to be afraid of.


I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Werewolf game series.

A month later, I played Werewolf Game 6 :P

:clap::clap: especially to Escherian Go.

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How did y’all let KAOS get away with this???

But I did post it. -> When the pandemic is over, I will


Oh, I saw that, I think I’m in there. :slight_smile: And it wasn’t silly, I expected something silly. :disappointed:


Let’s make a proper index.

Note that this doesn’t include the poetry threads and games.

Game Starting date Go-related? “Bounded”? Active?
Hurt / Heal Fuseki April 2015 Y Y Complete
Guess Next Move May 2018 Y N Y
Guess Rank Game May 2018 Y N Y
Werewolf Games I–VI February 2020 N Y Complete
Raptor Game March 2020 N N ~
Community Geoguesser May 2020 N N N
Guess the Person May 2020 N N N
Translingual Shiritori May 2020 N N N
Sommelier Game July 2020 Y N ~
Diplomatic Go I & II August 2020 Y Y Complete
All-in-One Democratic Game September 2020 Y Y Y
Go Zendo September 2020 Y N N
Hurt / Heal Joseki September 2020 Y Y N
Semantic Game September 2020 N N N
Yahtzee September 2020 N N N
Guess the Black Stones January 2021 Y N ~
I Remember… February 2021 Y N N
When the Pandemic is Over… February 2021 N N N
Flag Game March 2021 N N ~

I don’t understand “bounded”?

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In that the game is formally finite.

The werewolf games only continue until either the werewolves or innocents win, the hurt / heal games continue until there is a winning fuseki or joseki, and the all-in-one democratic game finishes when the game of communal Go is over.

Games like the guess rank game or community geoguesser don’t have that formal bounding; they continue until the players get bored.


I think that’s a reasonable definition for practical unboundedness.

Of course, everything is bounded by the eventual heat death of the universe.

Is heat death the scientific meta? I thought it was cool death right now.

I really don’t know what’s the most popular theory at the moment.

“Heat death” is meant like the “death of heat”, so it is like a “cool death”, aka the “Big Chill” or “Big Freeze”.

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Ah, I thought you meant heat death as in a hot death, by everything collapsing together.

I remember now that you have the term correct.

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What’s GR ?

General relativity, I imagine.

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Up and coming forum game? Random Starting Position + Flexible Komi


nobody mentioned voidship down which ran for a while.
its been over for a bit now, but it was fun
(Voidship down, essence low for refrence)