Forum games

Can we add a category to the forums specifically for forum games? There has been a huge increase in forum games lately, and giving them a category can help to separate them for the other topics.

The forum games are also the ones that accumulate new replies the fastest, making them probably the most annoying to people who aren’t interested.


Could it be a subcategory with it and a generic “off-topic”?

We already have “General Chat” for off-topic

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Thank you! I’ll start recategorising :slight_smile:


It doesn’t let me add topics D:
Or create new ones in that category for that matter.

What am I doing wrong?

I have no idea, it works fine for me. Perhaps refresh your cache?

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It is working now thanks. Also you got my hopes up when you edited translingual shiritori. I thought bugcat was back. It shows up with bugcat’s name in my notifications.

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