Forum habits: chain replying - bad

Hey. I noticed on forums there’s this pattern of chain replying. You write something, someone quickly responds then you quickly respond to them and so on. Some other posters might join in but what I’m talking about is essentially this: multiple posts in quick(-ish) succession from the same group of users.

I often find that these post are either short or not well thought-out, nit-picky and sometimes derail the whole thread off-topic. Even worse sometimes they become personal. These posts make the thread harder to read.

I think it would be better if everyone restrained themselves from immediately (and impulsively) replying to someone’s reply to them and let other users express their thoughts. And only after some time passed addressed the all replies since then in one post.


I will say this, I sometimes respond while other are trying to respond also. This can lead to something getting said multiple times. I also remember my necro bumping discussion that I got derailed into a discussion with Gia about switching sides in one of our games. You start talking with someone derailing the conversation from its original purpose, but would work in a one on one situation where it doesn’t matter if it derails from the purpose. Ironically this one thread came from me and bugcat derailing another thread about something else. I can have a hard time staying on topic sometimes and these chain reactions can seem like a conversation so it feels like it doesn’t matter much if someone is going to take the conversation one way if it seems like only one person has something to say on a topic. At this point, I ended up with a true question for the thread about necro bumping other threads, but I feel it would derail the conversation between me and Gia to just ask this question. The question has really nothing to do with what we were talking about, so it just feels awkward at this point. I feel that if I wanted to continue the conversation, I would either have to do so privately, create a new thread, or move the unrelated posts out into a new thread.



Someone is wrong on the internet!


You can actually just edit the post so people can see what you are saying

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People like posting a ton of posts though. Also not everyone reads through the edits.

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So you’re encouraging correspondence over live and blitz discussions?


I think if it’s on topic, it’s okay. I think this sort of thing is mostly happening on the non-serious/off-topic threads anyway, so it’s kindof expected to have some of that.