Forum Profile: How do I change my email address?

How do I change my email address? Simply this.

  1. There is a mysterious message that says the address can be changed somewhere/somehow it is impossible for me to understand. I saw no help, doc or faq path near it to discover its meaning by myself.

  2. There are other threads I found that seem to have the same question or subject. But they are quite old, their content may not be correct.

I did not test it, because I don’t want to change it, but on the page about Settings there is an item called Account Settings. If you choose this you see your Email address and I think you can change it there and then klick the button Save changes.

Same question here. It looks like the playing site and this forum have two different ways of doing this. At the playing site, yes, there’s settings → account settings where you can change it.

But here on the forums, there are no account settings! I’ve found a page called “preferences” which shows my address as “user-8776@lots of” which is not a real email address (definitely not the address I signed up with, and if I try to send email to it, I get an “undeliverable” message in reply). Underneath that address is the text “Email can be updated from authentication provider. Never shown to the public.” I’d like to replace that email address with my real address, so that I can get email notifications when people reply to me.

Uhm … are you saying that on you can’t edit the “Email address” field?

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The email associated to the forum is generated from the main site. Like your username is. So for changes (if needed?) go there like @trohde pointed instead of here (forum).

OK, so the displayed address in the forum settings is there just to confuse people, and it will send notifications to the email address that’s registered with the main site instead? I’ve just updated the address on the main site, and I’ll let you know if the notifications start coming through. Is there any way to change the UI so that this is less confusing?

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Discourse the forum application has been integrated to the main site with more and less polishing (my guess), i don’t think anything was made to be confusing. You may discover that a few badges of this forum can’t be attained too.(like invite someone if i remember well)

Report to us if you get your notifications!


OK, I got an email notification to say you’d replied to me. First time ever :slight_smile: So it’s making more sense now.

I don’t believe anyone made it confusing on purpose! But the fact remains that, starting from this page right here and following what seems to be the obvious menu choices, I get to a preferences page with an email address on it and the text “Email can be updated from authentication provider", but no guidance on what to do next.

Somewhere on the server will be a file containing those words. If someone could edit that file and replace “Email can be updated from authentication provider” with “Sorry, you can’t edit your email address from here. Please go to instead”, then people will be able to figure out what to do a bit more easily.


That’s the discourse forum’s preferences page, and I’d think …

  • the template for that would have to be edited in order to do what you want,

  • this probably means that the same edit would have to be re-done after every forum software update

… so, I’m not sure this is a viable path.

But I’m asking @anoek whether it’s a possibility :slight_smile:

  1. Asked
  2. Seem not possible, sry.

But maybe this should have an entry the “Forums” section of our documentation.

Unfortunately I am not currently able to do that.

Question: as the OP is about the forum rather than the “main” (i.e. playing) site, should we move this thread to the “Meta” category?

@avique, @xela, I have added “Forum Profile” to the Topic title for clarity.

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A shame that Discourse isn’t a bit more customisable (I hadn’t thought about the requirement for changes to persist across software updates), but thanks for checking it out.


It’s open source software so infinitely customizable in some sense. However, maintaining patches indefinitely can be an exhausting experience. You might want to suggest the feature on Discourse Meta:


Yeah, and of the many forum softwares I’ve seen (and partially also co-administrated) in the past 25 years, it’s the very best, IMO.