[Forum] Question About My Username

My username in the forum is “Mulsiphix1” and my name on the OGS site is “Mulsiphix”. Any idea why this is or if it is possible to remove the 1 at the end of my forum username?

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Ask this guy:


It looks like you have inadvertently created two forum accounts. Both yous? both of yous?, both of you? (Not sure of the correct English for this)…
Both yous appear in this thread:

My wild guess would be that this has occurred through the use of either different devices or maybe different browsers.


challenge it. whoever wins picks first. :joy:

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  • Do I use multiple devices? Yes. But who else here uses multiple devices? I bet quite a few folks use a laptop or home PC, as well as their mobile device. Yet I don’t see many accounts with a 1 attached to the end of their name :innocent:.

  • I can say without a doubt that I have only ever accessed the OGS forum, reading and posting, from a single device, and that is my home PC :wink:.

  • I do visit the normal OGS website to play games on four different devices :hugs:.

  • A quick look at the Profile → Activity tab in each profile will show that each Mulsiphix profile is responsible for the creation of posts in the same threads, but never the same post. I know I am not logging into them individually to accomplish this.

It would seem the issue is on the OGS Forum side of things, since I do not have a login for two accounts and they both seem to be active on the same threads. Is there any way to look into this :thinking:?

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Is it possible to change username at all on the forums? I’m ckersch88 here, but only because I didn’t see a way to actually change my username. I’d rather drop the 88, as I did on the non-forum OGS…

Unfortunately at the moment not even moderators can change your username on the forums. I will ask around if it is something we can tweak. Sorry.

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Doesn’t seem to be easy, but maybe not impossible:


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