Forum: Threads wrongly marked as “unread”, repeating notifications

Topic title says it all:

In the past two or so weeks the forum software shows me notifications for new comments which I’d already seen (i.e. clicked), or marks threads/posts as unread which in fact I have already read.

Logged out and back in already, checked my prefs.

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Same for me, it’s like if the forum doesn’t register my actions lately, ie topics reads or dismissed.


OK, now I …

… and for the moment it looks OK

Maybe the recent server switch cause this odd phenomenon? But I know nothing of these things …

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Problem seems to be back again :frowning:

Something odd was happening on the forums. I’ve forced an upgrade and restarted them. Let me know if it happens again

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[quote=“matburt, post:5, topic:8603”]
I’ve forced an upgrade and restarted them.[/quote]Thank you! :slight_smile: :heart:

[quote]Let me know if it happens again[/quote]Will do, and if I remember I’ll also just reply here if it seems to be gone for good.

Uhm, nope, now I’m getting notifications for comments from five days ago which I have read when they were new :frowning:

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I know what’s going on here. I’ll fix it this evening


Just got the second or third notification about your last comment, @matburt :smiley:

There were many more highlighted in blue here before, and I’d read ALL of them before — only the notification about the PM re: name change was NOT shown to me yesterday (i.e. I only got the green notification today) :open_mouth:

This should get automatically straightened out over the next few days… moving to new infrastructure meant we needed to bring our mail relay up and it wasn’t fully up. I brought it back online yesterday but it’s got a few days of work to sort through.

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Follow-up: Thanks, @matburt, seems to run smoothly now <happy>