Forum topic for showing our good games?

Would it make sense to add a forum topic for showcasing games we’re proud of? I know there’s the review requests category for asking for game reviews, but it’d be fun to have a forum were we could post our best games. Something that’s more “I’m proud of how I played in this game,” than “where did I f*** this up”.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to showcase those games on your profile?

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Hahaha wish I had some of those :smiley: but sure, go ahead and start one. Maybe it will catch on :slight_smile: and worst case scenario, it wont… so why not :smiley:

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Is there a way for non-admins to create new categories? I didn’t see an option…

categories? nope. Just pick one that already exists it does not really matter that much :smiley:

Right - a thread rather than a category to start with at least.

There is a high risk that someone will feel proud of something and post it only to have it torn to shreds though… standing up and saying “I’m proud of this one” is pretty solid troll-bait…

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A Boasting Board, you mean?

LOL, I think we’d better not :smiley: