Forum username to match main site names with emojis

For users who have emojis in their username, our names wont match here on the forums because discourse doesnt seem to understand those. Any way to change that so that the urnames could be copypasted from forum to the search bar on main site?

Doesnt bother me that much since i can always get to my own profile with 2 clicks, but i know some people who are active here in forum struggle finding my profile on the main page. Having copypaste-able username here would make that lot easier ^^

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I’m not sure, but I think Discourse (the forum software) imposes stricter limits on which Unicode characters are allowed in usernames.

Also, on the main site, I believe emojis in usernames might now be restricted somewhat, but some users were grandfathered in.

A work-around is to put a link to your profile in the description or URL of your forum profile.


Another related feature change would be to improve the user search feature. It seems that the current search matches based on the start of the username. It would probably make it a bit easier if the search tool would match based on any part of the username.


Yeah indeed, so theres only a handful of users who are affected by this >___>

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There is a simple solution to this that is entirely within your power :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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