Forums and Gravatar

How does the new forum work with Gravatar if you are using a different email address here to route back to ogs?


Hm. Good point, it probably does not :frowning: we’ll have to think if there’s a workaround we can do to make that work…

Yeah it also didn’t help that the email address… when updated on the main site and brought over here did some funky things with the Single Sign On system between the two sites so I’m trying to figure out how to address that. It could be that we use the user’s actual email address but keep the relay system in place thus allowing gravatar images.

It’s something we’ll have to work on though.

I’m a little confused about my email address here… Do we get an (at) email address when we sign up here? It kind of looks like that on my profile, but the “.com” or “.net” is missing… so is there a FAQ about our email address? (I searched but only found this thread)

Yeah, I had to upload my own avatar again.

You should read the intro post to the forum:

Sup and yup :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please don’t necro old threads.

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