Fox Go Server Connectivity Issue

Anyone in the US or maybe Europe regularly uses Fox Go Server?

I recently downloaded its new Mac Version using WeChat to login and it stopped working. However, I can connect as a visitor. I really hate to lose this account, cause I played 80-100 games to 2kyu from 14, lol.

The FoxWeiQi official website most of the time is not accessible unless with a VPN. Guess VPN does the trick?

My windows client stopped working after a windows upgrade. It pops up for a client upgrade, but seems not able to connect.

Tell me what your experiences are and maybe a VPN is needed?

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I’ve played more than 100 games there without problem, and don’t need a VPN (I am from Europe and use Windows)


I figured it out. Somehow my wifi or router does not like that connection. I am able to connect with my phone’s hotspot.

I think OGS team hacked into my network and does not want me to use a different server. :stuck_out_tongue:


I connect just fine without a VPN on Windows 10 in the US. Been playing on there for several years without an issue (was on Windows 8 before).

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