Fox nobie

I’m completely new to Fox. Do you know if there is a user guide or something to be able to configure the Fox client and not die trying?


There’s this video from NYIG channel

maybe it will help?


I appreciate it, but installing the program was relatively easy. My problem is the interface.

I haven’t used the client in a while and so it’s out of date and is taking a while to upgrade. So I can’t take screenshots, but I think there’s a large green button for auto match? I think near there are some settings for time controls. That’s all you really need to play some games. The rank up system is explained somewhere in your profile…

Maybe if you have more specific issues you can ask questions and other people can help?

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I just saw that my last 25 games on fox have been in the category “free” instead of “ranked” and I can’t figure out how to go back to ranked games :smiley: does someone have any ideas?

Edit: I can play 19x19 ranked as expected, just 9x9 isn’t ranked.

Sure, in the adress bar up, type o n l i n e - g o dot c o m