Fox weird issue? [Resolved]

So I am having this really weird issue with fox. I accidentally broke my computer yesterday had to fix everything basically and reinstall all my programs. I 100% reset it to factory.

So I was almost done fixing it and re-installing my programs and downloaded fox. But for some reason my main account when I hit “login” the entire client crashes. If I try to login with any other account though on this same computer it works fine.

But… I can login to my main account from my laptop just fine? I don’t know why its only effecting the one account on my desktop it makes very little sense to me.

Anyone have any ideas of what is going on I can’t even begin to imagine what might be causing this kind of issue.

Did you trying also asking this on reddit r/baduk ?

Sorry that’s a weird bug only thing I can think of is deleting the local cache for fox logins? :man_shrugging:


I did I actually posted this on r/baduk first.

I did figure it out though after a bit of messing around

If anyone has the same issue I just deleted the entire foxwq folder in “documents” and then re-opening fox redownloaded everything and let me connect just fine. So pretty much was deleting the cache in a way xD.