Franzisa's Puzzle of the Month

Starting with October 2014, I will be picking Puzzles from OGS that I liked very much and wanted to share with you! Of course, this will be very subjective, so do not be sad if your personal picks would have been different. :blush:

#December 2014:

###Escape From Alcatraz

Another masterpiece that I had great pleasure playing through. Try to imagine you’re imprisoned. Do the Prison Break! How cool is that?! (Really hard Tsumego!)

###Beginners Go Here

This is another beautiful beginner course, that teaches important aspects of the first fundamentals. I certainly enjoyed doing this lessons, even as a SDK. :thumbsup:

###Superior Warfare

This wonderful collection by mark5000 is called “Tactics Tutor” and a must-read for any aspiring Kyu-Player. Strengthen up your tactic senses and learn something new.

###Simple Beauty, Complex Beauty

Looks like an easy beginner Tsumego, but actually is a really, really hard puzzle for 2 Dan players. Try for yourself. :blush:

###Weiqi To Go

These Puzzles / Tutoring are related to a new blog by Crodgers, and I’d love to advertise for it with this pick. It’s a wonderful blog for beginners, and you can learn a lot from these weekly updates. Check it out here.

#November 2014:

###Press Start to continue

A Beginner’s course for new players on OGS. It covers more then 30 tips & tricks already. Possibly the best place to start after learning the rules. I enjoyed going through the course, even as a SDK. Give it a try, you will like it!

###Nine by what?

Ever had problems playing properly in the 9x9 opening? This “puzzle” is just the right thing for you. A collection of professional 9x9 games put into one board, with a lot of helpful info!

###I love you!

It’s not valentines day yet, but this puzzle is heartwarming nevertheless. Play out your love on the go board and enjoy this lovely shape.

###I’m on a boat!

You got to be the sea, and you got to drown that nasty white ship. Escalate and do maximum damage. A Go puzzle just like I love to play in my games aswell!

###Open, locks, Whoever knocks!

A hard Dan puzzle that skillfully shows how much can happen in a very small space, including sacrifice, surprising life and death and a shape that looks like a house with a white door. Wow!

#October 2014:

###The Wheel of Wheels!

A giant ladder wheeling over the whole board. Players just have to click the next move to see the magic enroll. Very cool for beginners to get a feeling of what’s possible on a Go board!

###Cross the Sea!

In my opinion, one of the most clever Tsumego ever created. Enough said!


###But I don’t want to sacrifice!

This puzzle is a classic, showing Double-Digit-Kyu players why sacrificing is often important for the greater picture. I love it, because you can only win with a big sacrifice.


###Count the snake!

This puzzle was one of the first posted on OGS and it is very cool for Beginners. While it is not too hard, it gives a valuable lesson why counting liberties is better then killing immediately.


###Butterfly Effect!

This little gem shows intermediate players how to deal with a cut after a common joseki, and how not do deal with it. I’ve learned something from it, and so can you!



“I don’t want to sacrifice” is a mind boggler. Wow.

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#November picks are up! (scroll up)


#December picks are up! (scroll up)

Sorry for the delay! I had too much work the last month. :blush:

I’ve also updated my Library with 40 new Tsumego today!