(Free E-Book) Go Studies: A History of Adventure

I am very excited to announce that Go Studies: A History of Adventure is released!
There are so many people that I am thankful to and I want to express my deepest appreciation to all of them for contributing to this becoming something wonderful !
You can get your pdf copy below.


I assumed it would be a story, but there are actually lots of diagrams in there!

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When you study Go all the day, there is not that much time for a story ^^
I still wrote about the school, teachers, children, food, expectations, how we felt, about my unexpected journey to Hong Kong and other intriguing things. I tried my best to show some of the most fascinating things that I saw there, I know that the diagrams are a lot and that the level of them, might be a bit hard for beginners to understand, but I tried to explain them as simpler as possible : - )
I hope you like them !


If this is a study is there a list of sources?

like in Go in the Classics.

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Go is a story

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Would an epub version be too much to ask? :slight_smile:

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@Oni I took a quick look, and this seems to be original materials, so no external sources to list.


This is about my study in the Ge Yuhong Go Academy as part of the CEGO Academic Programme, the whole source is the school and everything what I saw, there is no need to add source :- ) .
Although I believe this book is a very small part of what I learnt, I believe this is the most significant what I wrote inside it.


I will take a look on how to do that, I would be pleased to make epub as well, if it is more comfortable for people ^^.


Assuming the book has been written in a word processor, it should not be too complicated to convert. Not sure about the quality of the output, but a simple search turns out a number of options:

Calibre could also be an option:

Thank you for sharing your experience with the community.

Sadly the domain explorebaduk.com seems to have lapsed & looks to be held by a Russian URL farm.

might be worth sanitising that link in the op then?

Might as well lock the thread while one’s at it as well.

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I am not sure but I saw an explorebaduk repo on github that recently active. Maybe good news coming :slight_smile:

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