Free profile pictures

hello everyone! greeny is making free profile pictures! just let me know what you want it to be or what character/characters! and once its done, if you do like it and want to (not have to just want to) send me money, i have an e-wallet! also if you want to help donate to my hospital fees that would be awesome! have a nice day you guys


these are free for only a limited time! after that i will use any money i get for my hospital fees!

can I get a picture of a timber wolf mid-howl?

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sure thing bud!

thxs GreenyPickles

Hi, can I get a picture of a dolphin with a donut sword?


Hospital bills are the worst. Where do we donate?

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i could try and find my e-wallet real quick!

Can I get a picture of a bird with feathers of all the colours of the rainbow? Thanks!


If we like the profile picture, do we have to send you money or is it optional?

i stated it is optional, or did i?.. well yes it is completely optinal

Ok thank you!

thank you GreenyPickles