Free Teaching Games for 12–25k Players

What? 19x19 correspondence games, conducted with running commentary and discussion rather than play and review afterward. I think this style is better for correspondence because the student can inculcate the information while actively engaged in the game. I will often explain a move as I make it. This tends to make games more competitive than they would be otherwise. (Friendly chit-chat is also welcome, but not required.) The following game illustrates my approach: Teaching Game

Why? I enjoyed the teaching games I played last winter and found that they clarified my thinking about go. More important, I am a big believer in the “pay-it-forward” philosophy. I see many mistakes at the weaker DDK levels that can be fixed quickly with a little help. So this is a place where I can pay forward the help that I have received and perhaps save some players from quitting the game in discouragement.

Limitations. I am only 7k, and I often make ridiculous blunders. Consequently, I try very hard not to speak beyond the limits of my understanding.

How? No need to respond in this thread. You can message me with any questions. For a game, just send me a challenge using the specifications below. I will take 4 games at a time.

Specifications. Name: Teaching Game, unranked, 19x19 correspondence, Japanese rules, Fischer time, 3 days + 1 day up to 3 days, pause on weekends, no handicap, automatic komi, your choice of color, do not disable analysis.