French Open Championship 2022

It just started
This is a 7-round tournament. At each round, two games will be broadcasted on OGS.

Round 1:


Dai Junfu won then, who is that exactly? Haven’t heard of him. And I also wonder about Noguchi Motoki, sounds Japanese. Are they French?

Ben0 is the second at least.

Remi lost to 30th place, that appears a bit extreme.

Any OGS players there?

Dai Junfu was born in China but traveled to France several times when he was a teenager because of his father’s job. At the age of twelve, he had a 5d level and won the tournament “Paris Meijin”. For personal reasons he doesn’t travel to play go tournaments, so he only participates in tournaments around Paris. He won the Paris Tournament 4 times and the Paris Meijin 7 times, and is board 1 in PGETC. He took the French nationality about 10 years ago.

Noguchi Motoki played at strong amateur level when he was a university student in Japan. He has been living for a long time in Grenoble and works as a translator. He doesn’t have the French nationality but this is not required to play in the Open championship.

The player in the 30th place is a 20 year-old 4-dan player, he doesn’t play much at the moment because he is busy studying but is quite strong and certainly has potential.

Not many OGS players, most participants use OGS only for tournaments or for teaching. Here is one OGS account (although not from one of the strongest players, she is 2k): Tlina
Another one from a stronger (3d) player, but more rarely used: Fantleroy

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Ben0 hitting some good results these days, European champion, and then second in this tournament only losing to Dai Junfu :slight_smile:

Dai Junfu is French. I’m not sure about the details, I think he received the French nationality somewhere around 2007. He’s been working in France for at least 15 years. This is not his first time winning the French championship. I think he also won the Chinese national student championship when he was younger, so he was one of the very rare Chinese amateur 7dan. You could say that the only reason he never won the European championship is because he never bothered participating.

Motoki Noguchi is Japanese, I think he arrived in France in 2002. He’s been one of the most prominent go teachers in France since then, if not the most prominent. He might very well be the most well-known go player amongst French go players.

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As a child in China Dai studied in a Go school with some kids who went on to be top pros, was it Ma Xiaochun?

Dai was born in 1983, his teacher was Liu Jun (1975-2004). I don’t know who the other students were, but they couldn’t be Ma Xiaochun (born in 1964).