Frequency of automatic sitewide tournaments

Hi all,

Today when logging in to OGS I discovered that the frequency of automatic sitewide tournaments has been decreased considerably. I know that many of these got cancelled because of insufficient number of participants, but I still feel that now they are a bit too rare. Also it seems to me that as the number of people on the site has increased, participation in the tournaments has increased as well.

The other thing to consider are the types of games to propose for the automatic tournaments. Maybe this is just me, but the 2-minute-blitz on 19x19 is somewhat too tough, and maybe this frightens some of the people away.

So please give us the tournaments back, they are a really nice feature of OGS :smile:



Give us back our tournaments please !

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I agree with you! Please bring the tourneys back! I would like to see more tournaments, not less! Is there a reason for reducing the number of tournaments being offered? And i believe it could be helpful to find a way for the group tournament directors to create automatic (self repeating) tournaments.


we want our tournaments back as soon as possible. they r one of the only few live tournaments where people show up

Hey folks, we had a slight issue today with the system that creates the automatic sitewide tournaments… it should be back to normal now.


Yes, it seems fixed now.

Big thanks!


regarding the blitz, I (personally) dont think 2 min blitz is too tough, BUT if you join the 19x19 normal tournament there is no way you can also participate in the blitz, as there is no way the normal tournament is finished by the time the blitz start, and play normal+blitz is hard (i’ve tried)

as in, there is an issue with the order of the tournaments in my opinion, so I wonder, couln’t there be an interest in having it more randomly occuring, maybe by having cycles that do not add up nicely to 24h or just reshuffle the order now and then…

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