Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)


Hey folks,

Tomorrow’s stream is going to end a bit earlier at 6:30 pm EST :wink: ALL levels of players are welcome to watch, ask questions, and get your games reviewed on OGS!


##Season 9 Finale: Dice Go Encore with galluccinator!

Hey guys! Tomorrow’s stream will go from 7-9 PM eastern time on Twitch; we will be playing dice Go with galluccinator again :slight_smile: What will happen as the dice rolls steer our strategies back and forth?

In the mean time, we’ve reached 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and 825 followers on Twitch :heart: Thanks for all the support, as always!


Thanks a lot for this and your SRS review!



Join the newest season of Fridays with xhu98 starting today at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST - I know, a little bit late :smile:)! We’ll be playing on OGS - if you’ve got a game/review request, interested in how to improve quickly, or just want to hear some non-autotuned singing, feel free to stop by!


##New stream schedule: more love for European viewers :smiley:

Fridays #92 will take place on Friday, Oct 7 from 3-8 PM PST, so European fans won’t have to stay up that awfully late to watch! See y’all on OGS+Twitch!


We reached 900 followers on Twitch and 1200 subscribers on YT! Thanks so much for your support, everyone :heart:

Today’s stream (October 14) will run from 3-8 PM PST again, come join us and have a great time :smiley: Moreover, if you haven’t checked out this recap video of Fridays #91, definitely take a peek~ it’s only 6 minutes long anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys! First time posting in a while. Thank you so much for 100 Fridays with xhu98! :heart: It’s a really, really unique milestone that we’ve achieved, and I hope we get to keep this show going for a long time! :smile:

This Saturday (January 28) at 9 PM UTC, we’ll welcome a special guest, Cornel Burzo! A Romanian Go champion, he’s been teaching very actively, both online and offline. This will be a great chance for you to ask Cornel-sensei questions about Go (and maybe skiing too)! Looking forward to seeing you there! More details TBA.