Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)


Amazing 1st show of the year! <3 The 2-hour episode will be uploaded to The Nova League’s YouTube channel. Please find the link in the home post. :smile: :heart_eyes:


##Fridays with xhu98 #25!
Thank God it’s Friday again! :smile: The show today (Friday, January 9) will be from 21:00-23:00 UTC live on OGS. I’ll attempt recording the video and uploading to YouTube…Stay tuned! :wink:


Hey guys, thanks so much for coming to the show yesterday! I am happy to announce that the recorded video is now available on The Nova League’s YouTube channel, and I would appreciate if you guys could leave a like or drop some comments! :smile:



##[woot] Fridays with xhu98 #26 [/woot]

Friday, January 16 from 21:00-23:00 UTC. See you guys there! (And of course the recording will be available on YouTube as well) :smiley:


Thanks everyone for coming to the show yesterday! It was a lot of fun. Without further ado, here’s the video for your enjoyment! You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel (The Nova League) in order to receive notifications. :smile:


##Fridays with xhu98 #27: 6-month Anniversary Edition

It’s almost Friday again! Due to my school’s special schedule, the show this week is from 21:30-23:00 UTC. It’ll be recorded and uploaded to YouTube as well. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe we’ve made it to the half-year mark! You guys are awesome! :slight_smile:


You are awesome, xhu. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! Unfortunately I had to cut the show a bit short because of my fatigue today…But nonetheless, thanks so much for the support! We’ve made it to 6 months and this is just one of the MANY milestones to come! :smiley: :sunglasses:


##Good ol’ Fridays again :smile:

Again, Friday is nigh! My show will be live on Friday, January 30 at 21:00-23:00 UTC on OGS! Come for some good old reviews! :smiley:

Reminder: Deadline for February league sign-ups is Jan 30 @ 17:00 UTC!


Show #28 available on YouTube now! That was a great one. :smile:


##Fridays with xhu98 #29, The DDK version! :heart_eyes_cat:

This week’s show will be broadcast on OGS on Friday, February 6, 21:00-23:00 UTC, as usual. It’ll be my dedication to our fellow (and brilliant) DDK players, whose games I had often overlooked.

[imaginary_applause] How does that sound? [/imaginary_applause]


##Show 30: Season 3 Finale

Hey guys! It’s another Friday and the show will be on Friday, February 13, 21:00-23:00 UTC! Feel free to send any games you would like me to review!

I also have a couple of big announcements, and you don’t want to miss them out! :smile:


#NEW SEASON! :clap: :rose:

##Hey guys! Welcome to Season 4 of Fridays with xhu98!

I am excited to announce a premiere on Friday, February 20 @ 21:00-23:00 UTC! The show will be broadcast (with audio and facecam) on my new Twitch channel,

This week’s show will feature @Kuroneko as our first guest! Kuroneko/Meepsie is well known for his great teachings on OGS, as well as his Twitch channel & YouTube channel! :heart: If you are jealous, don’t hesitate to apply to become the next guest on the show by sending me a PM!

We will be doing some audio/video testing on Wednesday, February 18 @ 22:30-22:45 UTC. Volunteers appreciated!


Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming to show #31-#33! We have had a lot of fun on Twitch, with the engagement of my fellow supporters as well as special guests (@Kuroneko, @mark5000, @calantir and @tinuviel!) :heart: I would also like to thank @matburt and @anoek for helping with the banners! :smile:

In the next few days I will be exploring alternative options to broadcast my show, due to the existing problems in Twitch streaming. I will let you guys know once I’ve come up with a better plan! :smiley:


##The 34th Fridays with xhu98 will be broadcast on Google Hangouts!

###Time: Friday, March 13 @ 16:00-18:00 EST (20:00-22:00 UTC)
Bring your curiosity! :smile:


##Fridays with xhu98 #35!

###Time: Friday, March 20 @ 18:30-20:30 EST (22:30-00:30 UTC)
Renowned streamer/teacher Shawn Ray (Clossius) will be on the program! Support him at :smiley:

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##Fridays with xhu98 #36!

###Time: Friday, March 27 @ 19:30-21:30 EST (23:30-01:30 UTC)
My fellow guest streamer Jermelle MacLeod will be on the program! There will be tons of fun!

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Note that there’s a change in the start time…We will start at 19:30 EST. Hope to see you guys there! :smiley:


##Fridays…Err…On a Saturday

Time: Saturday, April 4, TBD

I will be joined by Dragonfist (@shimari)! We will be reviewing the inaugural 2015 OGS Rengo World Cup game (to be played on Friday!)

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##Fridays with xhu98 #38…Teaching games with the dragon-slayer himself

Hey all,

Due to the fact that I have Saturday classes (>.<), I will not be able to do a live episode this Friday (April 10). Instead, I will invite one fellow OGSer for a teaching game, which I will record and upload to YouTube on Friday. Because I actually have quite a few Saturdays with classes, I might do this again in the near future.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please PM me your Skype ID and schedule a time with me. I will be free today after 20:00 UTC, and tomorrow after 23:00 UTC. The program is expected to take 100-120 minutes. Come join the party! :smile:

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