Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)


And…The tsumegos are here! Sorry for the static buzz and other funny mistakes!




#Fridays with xhu98 + Inazuma (#47, June 12 @ 16:30 EST/20:30 UTC!)

We will be live commentating Go Basics’ 18th Quick & Review live tournament, hosted by @mlopezviedma! All levels welcome!

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Definitely one of my favorite shows.

Part 1:

Part 2:


##Fridays with xhu98 + AustinTeaching! (#48)

We will be on Twitch starting 6 PM EST! :smiley:

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And…here it is! :smile:


###NOTE: Due to the changing format of the program, updates on the website repo, Google Drive folder and forum home post will be discontinued. Please visit my Twitch and YouTube channels for the latest updates; thanks!


##Nick Sibicky will be joining our program on Friday, June 26! Stay tuned for more details!


Thanks for participating, everyone who showed up! :smile: Inaugural Raffle Go game starting at 1:03:00!


##Fridays #50 with xhu98+Fairgo, July 3, 7-9 PM ET



Thanks guys for all your support over the past 50 consecutive weeks! :smile: More to come!


##Season 6 \o/

###Fridays with xhu98 #51: Review of the Meijin Retirement Game, w/ theduddha2

See you guys on Friday, July 10 at 18:00 ET!


Thanks so much for coming to the review, guys! You are the best! crowd! And of course, thanks to theduddha2 for joining me! :smile:

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##Next week, on Friday July 24, we will be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of Fridays with xhu98! Make sure not to miss that stream! :smiley:

##Tomorrow, on Friday July 17 @ 18:00 ET, we will be joined by Clossius (his third appearance) on Twitch ( and play some Rengo! All ranks welcome! :smiley:


##Recording: Fifty Shades of Rengo w/ Clossius
Hey guys! Thanks so much for the wait…Sorry, this video has taken me 2 days to publish due to YouTube’s failure to process exported Twitch VOD…However, it’s FINALLY here! Enjoy! xoxo ~xhu98



On Friday, July 24 from 3-9 PM ET, we will be doing a super stream on Twitch in order to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Fridays with xhu98! If you would like to be on the show, please shoot me a PM or site mail! :smiley:


This is a 15-minute montage of the best moments from 1 year of Fridays with xhu98 (a.k.a. the anniversary celebration video.) Enjoy!


Hey guys,

As I will be going to US Go Congress in Saint Paul, MN, there will be NO streaming tonight (July 31) and next week (August 7). Instead, I will compile two episodes of congress vlogs and publish them on YT later! Stay tuned! <3


###xhu98 is back! Fridays with xhu98 #56 will be broadcast tomorrow at 9:00-11:00 PM ET on Twitch! Special guest Justin Teng (odnihs) will join us in this Congress recap episode!

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Thanks everyone for coming! :slight_smile: The new stream layout worked out quite well! :smiley:

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